Connecting All,
At Once!

Patch is the smart way of making calls.
Make group calls and conduct conference calls.
Its unbelievably fast, amazingly easy and extraordinarily secure.
Patch is here to redefine the way we make phone calls today. Its the future!

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A revolutionary new age audio conferencing products!

Automated Meeting Scheduling

  • Select Participants
  • Auto check for Available Date & Time
  • Add people on the fly, without holding the call

Powerful calls

  • Always Be in control
  • Manage audience through broadcast
  • Call upto 500 people with Allhands

Smart calls

  • Defer calls
  • Redirect calls
  • One on One Timed Meetings

Portable Conference System

  • Secure - No uninvited guests
  • Fast - No Attendance, look who all have joined
  • Easy - Don’t dial, Receive a call

How It Works

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